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“I’m a long-term client of Griffith Printing and see them as a trusted supplier that produces excellent results. Their bids are prompt and exact. They are fast and do whatever they can to fit into the budget. They deliver on time and there are never added costs. They follow up with any concerns I have and always come through when you need them most. They are a respected printing company and they meet their commitments. But, most importantly, they do it all with a smile and a kind word. This city has a lot of printers. I choose the one that makes my job easier. That's Griffith!"

—Sara Klomp, Creative Director
University of St. Thomas

“The folks at Griffith Printing make it a great company to work with -- friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only do I know I am going to get a high-quality project, but I’m going to get it at a competitive price. At times I feel like I am the only customer they have, as it seems that they drop everything to push a rush project through."

—Jodi Grendahl Stuart Management Corporation

Rack Cards

Rack card printing is one of the most affordable and compelling ways to improve your marketing presence. Rack cards allow you to reach out to a specific target market and drive leads to your business.

Whether you are a non-profit organization, a business, golf course, theater, theme park, or have a special event to promote, rack cards are a way to get your message out quickly and consistently.

Rack cards have a long shelf life … in the rack and with your prospective clients

Standard rack cards are 4 inches by 9 inches and are created on a quality heavy stock which gives them an air of professionalism and stability within the rack. When you have your rack cards printed professionally they are often kept by your prospective clients for a long time click, and are treated like your business card or company brochure. If they include compelling information about your solution, or about your event, they become an invaluable part of your marketing arsenal.

The quality of the paper is critical for your rack card

You choose the weight and quality of your paper for your rack card for several reasons:

  1. To withstand the elements wherever the rack is located
  2. To create a professional look and feel of the piece
  3. To separate yourself from you competition

Lightweight rack cards that feel flimsy in your visitors hands will not properly demonstrate the type of company or organization you truly are … especially if they are in a rack with other cards that are of higher quality. The most popular type of rack card paper is a 16-point gloss stock, which adds a shine to both sides of the card allowing you to create a compelling message on both sides!

Rack card sizes

Typical rack card sizes are 4 X 9 inches, and will fit into almost any size rack. If you are creating a custom rack or a dedicated rack for your products or services, a custom-sized rack card can be very successful. A larger size, like a 7 X 10 will allow you to address more of your prospective clients needs and will make your rack card totally stand out.

Rack Cards are an extremely good way to drive prospective customers to your business, event, park, golf course or other attraction, and unlike other marketing materials you may pay for, with rack cards your customers are actively seeking your card … making the ROI of rack card printing very high.