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“I’m a long-term client of Griffith Printing and see them as a trusted supplier that produces excellent results. Their bids are prompt and exact. They are fast and do whatever they can to fit into the budget. They deliver on time and there are never added costs. They follow up with any concerns I have and always come through when you need them most. They are a respected printing company and they meet their commitments, hazırlanarak. But, most importantly, they do it all with a smile and a kind word. This city has a lot of printers. I choose the one that makes my job easier. That's Griffith!"

—Sara Klomp, Creative Director
University of St. Thomas

“The folks at Griffith Printing make it a great company to work with -- friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only do I know I am going to get a high-quality project, but I’m going to get it at a competitive price. At times I feel like I am the only customer they have, as it seems that they drop everything to push a rush project through."

—Jodi Grendahl Stuart Management Corporation


Newsletters have become a valuable tool for many businesses, and even though many things are moving online, you can set yourself apart from your competition by having a newsletter delivered to your customer’s front door.

Choosing the right newsletter printers is an important factor in creating a compelling newsletter that will communicate your message … but it needs to be professionally created and delivered on time.

Make sure you choose a printer that offers …

  • A variety of printing options—depending upon the quantity and frequency of your newsletter, you may choose offset or digital printing. For short runs and infrequent delivery, digital printing is a good option. If you are sending your newsletters out on a regular basis in larger quantities, offset printing will bring down the costs a bit.
  • Full color newsletter printing—full color newsletter can make your message really stand out to your current and prospective clients. It also shows a level of professionalism that few companies will match. If full color isn’t an option, then adding a second color will greatly improve the looks and reduce the price.
  • High-quality paper—don’t skimp on the quality of the paper. We recommend you choose a more bright or high quality paper. Keep in mind your newsletter represents your company and your brand … so choose one that will represent that properly.
  • Fold and format options—with Griffith Printing you have several different folding options and formats allowing you to get your message out in virtually any way you choose. We offer many different newsletter templates or we can create a custom newsletter in special sizes and configurations to match your product or service.
  • Mailing services—we can mail your newsletter directly to you customers, or in bulk to your warehouse or place of business. We can also help you with customized mailing lists and offer a choice of bulk or first class.

Newsletters are a great marketing tool

Newsletters can be an important part of your marketing plan for your business, non-profit or organization. A newsletter can help establish you as a leader in your market, and at the same time help you keep in contact with you clients and customers.

You can offer your clients the latest product information as well as interesting material to engage your client in what you have to offer. For example, you can add new product and service promotions, seasonal information, testimonials, and update them on the latest news in your industry.

Newsletters can be printed monthly, annually, seasonally, or even weekly depending on your industry and the message you want to convey. When creating your newsletter keep this one thing in mind; include important information that will teach and educate them. No one wants to get a weekly or bi-weekly mailing that simply tells people why your company or organization is so good. You need to include updated and compelling information to keep them reading … especially If they are receiving the newsletter on a regular basis.