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“The folks at Griffith Printing make it a great company to work with -- friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only do I know I am going to get a high-quality project, but I’m going to get it at a competitive price. At times I feel like I am the only customer they have, as it seems that they drop everything to push a rush project through."

—Jodi Grendahl Stuart Management Corporation

“We have worked with Griffith Printing for over 20 years and plan to continue doing so for at least 20 more! From the days when we drove to their shop with pieces of paper looking for typesetting & printing services, to today when we pretty-much produce all the pieces in-house using a wide range of graphics programs and send them over electronically for printing, the professionals at Griffith have been our #1 collaborator. Their prices can’t be beat and they take great pride in their final product, often making suggestions as to how printed pieces can be improved. As a small non-profit with limited budgets but high expectations, we count on Griffith Printing to provide us with printed pieces of which we can be proud.”

—Carol Schoeneck Program Specialist at GTS

“Working with the staff at Griffith Printing the past couple of years has been great! They are always able to get my projects done right when I need them - as if I’m their only client! I truly enjoy working with Griffith. They are customer - focused and really care about keeping my business. I’ve never been happier!"

—Brianna Hager, Ramsey County Bar Association

Business to Business

Why is printed material such an important part of your organization’s success?
How does your company or organization bring in more customers, attract more donors the site, get your message out to the world … and pay the bills? It’s marketing and advertising that gets the message out … correct? And even though the digital/internet age is upon us, printed material is still the main component of any successful business … so the printer you choose becomes a critical part of that success and if chosen correctly becomes a valuable business partner.

Printed material is still a vital piece of your marketing strategy
Even though digital marketing over the internet allows companies to communicate and send their message out with one click of the mouse … traditional printed material is still an important and vital piece of your business and its importance should not be ignored!

When it comes to your business what type of printed material do you regularly use throughout the year? If you’re like most organization’s it includes …

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Special Events
  • Annual Reports
  • Fundraising Materials
  • Flyers
  • Programs and Manuals
  • Envelopes
  • Presentation Folders
  • Speaker Packets

This is just a list of a few of the printed items your company, non-profit or organization may need to promote your message.

How do you choose the right printer for your business?

As a business owner, manager or director you know the importance of working with a good printing company. Creating compelling and professional printed material is not only essential to your cause, it is something you will deal with on a frequent basis. It’s not only important that you trust your printer, but also critical that they know the ins and outs of your business and industry.

With all of the printing services in Minneapolis and St. Paul and the thousands of companies online, it can be hard to choose the right printing company. Here are four things to consider when choosing a printing service:

    1. Your budget—of course your budget is one of your biggest concerns and contacting a trusted printer before you create your printed material can help you keep your budget down considerably. The price of the printing is determined by many factors, including how you have prepared the digital file, the quantity you order, the printing process (digital, versus offset) the number of inks if offset, the paper you select and the finishing or binding if necessary. A good printer must be clear on your overall budget so they can make suggestions about preparation methods that can reduce your overall costs.
    2. Focus on quality—your printed material represents your company and organization, if the quality of the color separations, printing process, and paper are not up to standards it can reflect badly on your company, fundraising efforts or your special event. The cheapest price for your project is seldom the best choice. Ask the printing company for samples of their work … better yet, stop by their business and see their work in progress!
    3. Do they specialize in your type of company or industry? If you are a non-profit organization or running a conference or special event, how much experience do they have with this type of business. If you are a non-profit or need conference fulfillment your needs are very specific and it is critical that the printing service you choose understands these needs … and has had extensive experience with your type of project. Ask for references, if they don’t have many examples of clients within your industry, find a printer that does!
    4. Check their reputation—how long have they been in business and what do other companies or organizations say about them? Also ask them how long their clients stays with them … this is a good indication of their quality of work and service. Also, get references from at least 3 different companies or organizations like yours and call them … you’ll receive invaluable insider information about the printer!

At Griffith Printing

The Griffith Printing team knows your business. Nonprofits, schools, associations, conventions, seminars, entertainment venues and thousands of local businesses have chosen Griffith Printing as their printing partner.

Never be short-handed again!

You wear a million hats and we understand the challenges you face every day, which usually include limited time, staff and resources. Think of Griffith Printing as an extension of your staff, providing the services and support you need daily. Take a look at these capabilities and timesavers:

  • Computer to metal plate from a rip file for quick accurate printing
  • One-thru-4 color commercial printing
  • Typesetting, full bindery in-house mailing
  • Black and White high speed digital copiers
  • Stitching, collating and folding
  • Four-color digital copying
  • Quick, responsive turnaround on every job
  • Free pick-up and delivery