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“I’m a long-term client of Griffith Printing and see them as a trusted supplier that produces excellent results. Their bids are prompt and exact. They are fast and do whatever they can to fit into the budget. They deliver on time and there are never added costs. They follow up with any concerns I have and always come through when you need them most. They are a respected printing company and they meet their commitments. But, most importantly, they do it all with a smile and a kind word. This city has a lot of printers. I choose the one that makes my job easier. That's Griffith!"

—Sara Klomp, Creative Director
University of St. Thomas

“The folks at Griffith Printing make it a great company to work with -- friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only do I know I am going to get a high-quality project, but I’m going to get it at a competitive price. At times I feel like I am the only customer they have, as it seems that they drop everything to push a rush project through."

—Jodi Grendahl Stuart Management Corporation


Flyers are a quick and low cost way to get your message out, and they are one of the most cost effective marketing tools you can choose. Whether for your product or service, conference, event, fund raising opportunity or insert, printing professional looking flyers can have a big impact on your bottomline.

Flyer printing options

When printing your flyers you can choose single or double-sided, folded, flat, and you can pick from many different sizes. The paper you choose comes in many different weights, colors and finishes depending on your goals.

Even though you can pick any size you prefer, sizes normally run from 4 X 5 inches up to 12.5 X 19 inches. You can also have your flyers created and printed in two orientations:

  1. Standard vertical layout
  2. Custom horizontal layout

Flyers can be printed in four colors on both sides, on one side with the back blank, or full color on one side and black and white on the back. A high-quality gloss type finish is often preferred and gives the flyer a more professional look and feel. Metallic inks, die-cutting, and foil stamping can be used to enhance any flyer.

3 things to consider before you print your flyers

  1. Do your market research—Who is your target market, and where can they be found? It is critical that you know exactly who you are talking too so you can create a printed flyer that is compelling to your specific audience. Too many companies make the mistake of trying to talk to everyone with one flyer … which causes them to speak very generically so they don’t miss anyone–this is a big mistake. Instead, target a specific audience with a specific message and you will see your results improve significantly.
  2. Identify your prospects hot-buttons—What does your target audience truly care about? What are their issues and what are they most concerned about regarding your product or service? Identify and address these issues in your flyer, add some eye-catching graphics and you’ll be amazed at the results.
  3. Create a schedule—You have to make a deadline for your flyer’s printing and production … far too often companies run to a printer hoping to get a flyer created in an hour and the quality of the piece is comprimised. Give yourself time to decide what you want it to say, and time to review the proofs so you have something you know will bring in more business.

Whether you need printed flyers as a stand-alone marketing piece, or in concert with other marketing materials, flyers can have a big impact on your sales and marketing efforts, If you create printed flyers correctly, they can be a mainstay of your marketing strategy.