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“When you've worked hard on a design, it can be a little scary handing it over to someone to do the final this case, the printing. The people at Griffith do a great job, and with the trust built over the many years we've worked together, I truly view Griffith Printing as an integral extension of our team. Not only do they deliver a beautiful product, but they also complete it when promised and get it done right the first time. Their staff respond quickly to questions and make appropriate recommendations to help stretch our budget. Additionally, Griffith Printing shows genuine appreciation for our business. We are blessed to have such a wonderful printing partner!"

—Patricia Montgomery, Director of Marketing Communications Lyngblomsten

“I’m a long-term client of Griffith Printing and see them as a trusted supplier that produces excellent results. Their bids are prompt and exact. They are fast and do whatever they can to fit into the budget. They deliver on time and there are never added costs. They follow up with any concerns I have and always come through when you need them most. They are a respected printing company and they meet their commitments. But, most importantly, they do it all with a smile and a kind word. This city has a lot of printers. I choose the one that makes my job easier. That's Griffith!"

—Sara Klomp, Creative Director
University of St. Thomas

“The staff at Griffith Printing are experts in the industry who are dedicated to their clients’ needs and always deliver quality results. It’s nice to support a local printing company.”

—Sue Schweitzer, Communications Manager
National MS Society, Minnesota Chapter

Non Profits

Generating funds and reaching new donors

As a nonprofit organization you rely heavily on reaching new donors which generates additional funds that are critical to running your non-profit organization. The way to develop a strong relationship with contributors, the board of directors and prospective donors is by creating high-quality printed materials that professionally, emotionally and adequately convey your message.

As a non-profit organization you have many projects throughout the year where printed material is needed, these could include:

  • Annual campaigns
  • Special events
  • Capital campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Posters and flyers
  • Thank-you cards
  • Table tents
  • Event tickets
  • Board meetings
  • Direct marketing
  • Silent auctions
  • Parties and galas

These are just a few of the many things a non-profit can use to communicate with both it’s members and it’s potential donors. How those messages comes across in your printed material can be critical to your non profit’s success.

Printing solutions on a budget

As a printer who specializes in non-profit organizations, at Griffith Printing we clearly understand your budget concerns and desire to obtain the absolute best possible pricing. But as you well know, for your non-profit to generate funds, it has to spend and invest money in the things and actions that can make a difference … and your printed materials and the printer you choose can make a big difference in the success of any campaign.

But how do you get the best quality printing for your non-profit at the lowest possible price? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Create a long term relationship with a printer. The cost of searching for the lowest possible price every time you need something printed could cost you dearly in the end.
  2. Design costs: Graphic design costs can end up being hundreds of dollars an hour. Be sure to choose a printer that offers not only great design, which should be a given, but they also should include the cost of the design in the overall bid … helping you keep your costs down!
  3. Choose a printer that offers not-for-profit rates.
  4. If you need last-minute printing done, having a long-term relationship with a printer gives them a leg up, as they will know your style and understand your needs better. They can also keep the price lower on last minute emergency needs as well!
  5. Direct mail services: Choose a printer that can be a one-stop shop regarding all your direct marketing needs.

Make an impact … make a difference with your printing

As a nonprofit organization you rely heavily on repeat donations to fund your cause. It is essential that you build and develop a strong relationship with your contributors, and one of the best ways to do that is with regular printed pieces that create emotions and encourage urgency for your donors.

A few of the Non-Profit Organizations we work with:

  • University of St Mary’s
  • St Agnes School
  • St Paul Academy
  • St Paul Figure Skating
  • Minnesota Opera
  • Metro Area on Aging
  • Lyngblomsten
  • Jewish Family Center
  • International Institute
  • Conservatory of Music
  • Catholic Charities

Non-profit newsletters

Not-for-profit organizations like yourself often utilize some type of monthly or quarterly newsletter to keep donors, board of directors and prospective donors up to date on all of your programs, and what’s happening within your organization. These newsletters often include stories about your successes, fund raising efforts, special events, news related to your industry, and usually includes specifics on how contributors funds are being put to use. A properly written and designed newsletter is an invaluable tool for your marketing and fund raising efforts!

As a non-profit organization what you do truly matters!

As a printer that specializes in non-profit printing, here at Griffith Printing we understand and truly appreciate what you do for the community. We feel by offering high quality and affordable printing services we make your job just a little bit easier, and in a small way we help contribute to your non-profit’s success … and we are very proud of that!

At Griffith Printing we offer non-profit organizations…

      • Extensive layout and design capabilities
      • Templates for brochures
      • Templates for the always-needed remit envelopes
      • Economical short runs done digitally in color or black and white
      • Mailing services
      • One-stop layout, printing and mailing